Narendra modi the cricketer

There will hardly be any person who does not know about the Prime Minister of India. But the way no one can tell about our Prime Minister, what will be his different step, in the same way, there are some things related to his life which I know very few people about.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also smiling because the IPL 2022 final match is being played between Gujarat 6 Titans and Rajasthan Royals at the Shri Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, Gujarat today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself was going to come to see this match, but due to some reason, he could not come to Shri Narendra Modi Stadium. The Home Minister of the country, Shri Amit Shah has come to Gujarat to see the match.

What is the relation of Narendra Modi with Gujarat?

You also go to the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, but do you know what is his relation with Gujarat? If you do not know this, then read our article till the end and you will get to know many new things about Shri Narendra Modi.

Narendra Modi was born in Gujarat itself. His studies have also been the same. And also started his politics in Gujarat itself and Narendra Modi has also been the Chief Minister of Gujarat 3 times.

Does narendra modi plays cricket ?

During the final match of IPL 2022, commentator Aakash Chopra had said one thing that an old picture of the Prime Minister of our country has been found in the Gujarat Cricket Association, in which he is playing cricket in his youth.

What Narendra Modi used to do in cricket, betting, bowling or all-rounder.

Looking at the picture of Narendra Modi found in the Gujarat Cricket Association, it is clear that Narendra Modi is a batsman and VH left-handed batsman. Now the matter is yet to be revealed whether Narendra Modi only bats or bowls too.

Does Narendra Modi still play cricket?

Narendra Modi has not been seen playing cricket since becoming the Prime Minister, but it is being claimed that what he loves is about cricket. And the way he makes us do new things, it cannot be denied that we will also be able to see very jald Narendra Modi playing cricket.

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