Do you know what is Gmail and Email, what is the difference between Gmail and Email, if you are thinking of Gmail and Email as the same then this is your misconception because Gmail and Email are different and work differently

Today you are going to know whether gmail and email are different, what is the difference between them and how email and gmail work and what are the benefits of having email or gmail with you.

The world of internet is progressing at a very fast pace and there are many new users who have internet available but they do not have proper information about it, due to which new users get cheated.

That is why this article is being written so that any new internet user who does not have much knowledge of the internet can never get confused by this question, so let’s start knowing what is the difference between Gmail and Email?

Before knowing the difference between Gmail and Email, it would be very important to know what is Gmail and Email and how do they work.

What is Gmail?

Gmail is a free service provided by Google, its full form is Google Mail, if you understand it in Hindi, then it has two words, first is Google and second is Mail.

Here Google means Google, which is a company and Mail means message, it means Google message in Hindi, that is, such a free service through which you can send messages and it is absolutely free service.

If you are an Android user, then you must have a Gmail account because without a Gmail account, you cannot download any app in Android phone and you cannot run any of Google’s apps in your mobile phone.

But it is not necessary for IOS user, they can easily run all the apps without Google account but most of the Android users in India, that is why it is necessary to have a Gmail account here.

Benefits of having a Gmail account

Every internet user should have a gmail account because without gmail you can face a lot of trouble in browsing the internet like if you want to create your account on any website then you need gmail.

That is why if you want to run the internet properly, then it is very important for you to have a Gmail account, it has some other benefits which are given below.

  • With the help of Gmail, you can run Google’s apps
  • With the help of Gmail, you can create your account on any website or website.
  • You can send documents to anyone with the help of Gmail.

These are some advantages and there can be many other benefits that you cannot access without gmail account, let us now know about email.

What is E-mail?

Friends, email is an internet mailing service, it is not a software or an app, but it is a term that an internet user can use to convey his message to any person.

E-mail is also made up of two words E and mail full form of email is electronic mail where E means electronic and mail means message.

That is, E-mail in Hindi means electronic messaging Email used to be a very famous means of messaging in earlier times but nowadays social media has taken its place.

Now you know what is Gmail and Email, what are the benefits of using Gmail and Email, but similarly there are many types of email and Gmail, one of them is Business Email, let’s know about it.

What is Business Email?

The Gmail or email account that is created keeping in mind any big industry and industry is called business email. Business email helps to grow a business.

There are many ways by which you can create business email and you can create free email for your business and grow your business.

While creating a business email, you have to keep one thing in mind that the email should match with your business name as if your business name is Digital Marketing then your business email should be Digitalmarketing@Email.Com

Hopefully you must be understanding that how you can create a business email, we will talk about it sometime but now let us know what is the difference between email gmail and business email.

What is the difference between Email, Gmail and Business Email?
After reading the above information, you must have understood that email is Gmail and business email and now let’s know what is the difference between Gmail email and business email.

Email refers to the message sent by any electronic device whether it is sent from a computer or laptop or sent by any fax, we call it email but Gmail means Google Mail.

Gmail is one of the free messaging service provided by Google, you can do Gmail for free from any device such as mobile phone, laptop and personal computer, but it cannot be used as a fax.

The same business email is different from these two, it is used by big companies to provide convenience to their customers so that their customers remember their business email and it is easy for them to contact the company.

Friends, I hope you have understood what is the difference between Email, Gmail and Business Email, if you liked this article of ours, then definitely tell us by commenting and share this article with your friends Thanks.

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