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Friends, are you a YouTuber or are you thinking of starting your own YouTube channel, if yes, then this question must have come in your mind that Youtube Ke Liye Keyword Research Kaise Kare

And the rest of the people who run the YouTube channel, how do they do keyword research for their YouTube channel, if you are interested to know, then complete this article.

In this article, you will be told some of the best ways, with the help of which you can do free keyword research for your new or old YouTube channel.

How to do Keyword Research for Youtube Videos?

So let’s know some of the right and best methods with the help of which you can do keyword research for your YouTube channel.

Before doing keyword research for your YouTube channel, you have to understand your YouTube channel properly and you have to know what kind of content you are putting.

We assume that your YouTube channel is about Gaming Laptop, you can understand it as an example and put the category of your channel in its place.

As an example in this article, we are going to target the keywords of Gaming Laptop, you can target your keyword.

Let us know what are the ways with the help of which you can do keyword research for your YouTube channel.

Keyword Tool

Friends, the first and easiest way to do keyword research is the Keyword Tool and keep in mind that if I have said Keyword Tool, then you have to purchase only premium tools, it is not that you can use free tools.

Here I am going to tell you a free keyword tool, with the help of which you can do keyword research for your channel.

We are going to use here to do keyword research, which is a premium tool, but you do not have to run away after hearing this, here is a solution for you.

Using this tool, we are only going to find Keyword Ideas. To find Keyword Ideas, you have to come to the website of

And after selecting your country and language, click on the search option. This Keyword Tool is telling you some Keyword Idea in front of you.

Whatever keyword you like, you can pick it from here, I mean copy it as we have copied the keyword of Gaming Laptop.

Install Ubersuggest Extension

Friends, after this you have to install Ubersuggest Seo extension in your Google Chrome browser, which is very easy, you can also visit this link for this.

After installing the Ubersuggest extension, you have to type Youtube.Com in your browser and come to the YouTube website.

Keep in mind this will only work on Youtube’s website, don’t try it on YouTube’s application

After coming to YouTube’s website, you have to type your keyword in the search bar and as you search by typing your keyword, then some results come in front of you.

You have to wait for a few seconds and after that some data related to that keyword will appear in the left side of your search bar like search volume and CPC etc.

In this way, you can do keyword research for your YouTube channel for free, that too using premium tools, let’s know some more ways with the help of which you can find content ideas for your channel.

Where to find content ideas for youtube channel?

Friends, new youtubers have a lot of trouble in finding content ideas for their channel, they cannot easily research the content for their youtube channel, so we are going to tell you some of the best ways that you can use.

Finding content ideas for your YouTube channel is as difficult as creating videos and writing scripts on your content.

You should do this work very carefully and research so that you can pick the right ideas and upload the best content on your channel.

So let’s know some ways with the help of which you can easily find content for your channel.


Friends, if you are a content creator then you must have heard about Quora and you must have known this platform very well how it can be useful.

If you do not know what is Quora, then let me tell you that this is a forum website where you can ask or answer your questions.

You can also use it to find your content ideas and find some of the best content ideas from here.


Friends, you must have heard about Facebook and you must be well aware that what is Facebook and what is its use.

If you are a Facebook user then you must know about Facebook group, you do not have to do anything, just join whatever Facebook group you get according to your channel.

You have to join the same Facebook group which is similar to your channel like your channel is about gaming laptop, then you have to join the same group which is put such content.

And you can also make your own YouTube video on the questions asked in this type of group, in this way you can also use Facebook to do Youtube Keyword Research.

You can also use other social media to find content for your YouTube channel such as Reddit, Tumblr, etc.


Above you have known some methods and understood how you can find keyword ideas for your YouTube channel and also do free keyword research.

If you have any question related to this, then you must comment us, we are ready to answer your every question.

In this article you learned how to do Youtube Keyword Research and how to find content ideas for YouTube that too in a short time.

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