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Share market is such a well that can quench the thirst of money of the whole country, Harshad Mehta had said this in his web series and it is also true.

If any person who has understood the share market well and wants to invest his money in the share market keeping all the things in mind, then he can get success here.

And any person in the world can invest money in share market and see it as a long term gain but your method should be right

So are you also searching on Google again and again that what is the share market and how you can invest your money here as an investment, then read this post till the end.

What is Share Market?

Friends, to understand Share Market in easy language, you just understand that the share market is such a market where you

You can buy shares of any company very easily and for this you also need some money.

Like any person wants to buy a share of Xyz Company which is worth Rs 123 then he has to pay Rs 123 to his broker and the broker gives him the share.

What are Shares?

Now these questions must also be coming in your mind that what are shares, then you understand this thing very easily. Like if you have bought shares of any company

The share which you have bought is some part of the company which you have bought by paying money to the company and in future you will sell it and earn your profit from it.

In simple language, the meaning of share is that you have so much share of the company, you can sell it anytime and it is also of many types?

How to earn money from share market?

Friends, before investing in any stock, you have to keep many things in mind, only then you can earn money from that share.

Before investing in the share market, it is also very important for you to understand how it can be done.

Because there are many types here too, some of them are also such that you should keep them away, otherwise you can lose all your money.

What are the types of market?

Intraday Trading

Friends, you must have heard the name of trading at some point or the other and you must also know some things about it because its AIDS keeps coming on TV.

But what is the true meaning of trading, you are going to know here, if you want to go into trading then it can also be risky.

Because in trading you have to buy the stock on the same day and you also have to sell that share on the same day, if you do not sell then your share gets sold automatically when the market is closed.

That’s why I want to tell you that you should enter trading only when you have the knowledge of it and you can take the risk.

Delivery Shares

Friends, this is a very good and pleasant way to buy shares and most of the people who are new to the stock market choose it because it has some advantages.

If you take delivery of any share, then you cannot sell that share on the same day but from the next day you can sell that share anytime.

After taking delivery the shares are stored in your DEMAT account and you can sell whenever you want to sell your shares.


Prediction is the most profitable game in the share market. Here you have to predict by looking at the price of any share.

By doing that share, the price is going to go up or down, if your prediction is correct then only you will get money.

But if you have made a wrong prediction, then you are not going to get a single rupee, that’s why intelligent people do not use it.

These are mainly three types, with the help of which you can invest your money in the share market and also make good investments.

How are shares bought?

Friends, if you are interested in knowing how shares are actually bought and how you can also buy shares of any company.

Keep reading this article, you will understand everything, before buying shares of any company, you have to go through these processes.

Check company’s IPO

Friends, you cannot buy shares of any such company until that company launches its own IPO.

Now this question must be coming in your mind that what is IPO and why it is necessary. Full form of IPO is Initial Public Offering

It means the first public offer where you company gives its shares to the people and collects some money from them.

Open your Demat Account

To buy shares of any company, it is very important for you to open your Demat account because without Demat account all your shares are stored.

To open your Demat account, you can directly go to CDSL’s website or you can contact any broker.

But most of the people open their Demat account with the broker as there are many benefits of going with the broker.

What is a Broker?

Broker is the person who keeps you connected with the share market and gives you every little information about the share market.

Nowadays there are many brokers available in the market who have made their mobile apps and websites, with the help of which trading has become easy.

In their app and website, you get all the related information related to the market like which stock is going up and which stock is going down.

Some of the famous market brokers are as follows

  • Angle One
  • Zerodha
  • Upstox
  • groww

How to understand Share Market?

Before working in any place, it is very important for you to understand it so that you can perform there for a long time.

It is the same with the share market, now you know what the share market is, but it is also very important to know how it is understood.

To understand this, you can keep these points in mind so that you can understand the share market well.

Research in depth

Friends, to understand anything, you have to go to the bottom of it so that you can understand it well and it is the same with the share market.

Before entering the share market, it is very important for you to first know every little thing about it, only then you can play a long game here.

Nowadays many third party apps and websites are also available in the market to do research, which gives you a lot of information in a short time so that you can understand that Share Market Kya Hota Hai

One of these very famous website is Moneycontrol.Com, you can search this website in your browser and do market research.

Invest less amount first

This method of getting into the market and taking experience in it is full proof and guaranteed, in this way you first invest some money.

With this, you get to know well about the Ups and Downs happening in the market. And when you are confident you can increase your money too.

If you do this then you are going to get two benefits from it. First, you start understanding the share market and the second is that you are not going to lose much money.

Keep track of shares

If you want to buy shares of any company like Tata shares, then you have to do in-depth research about that stock first.

When your research is completed and you have made up your mind that I want to buy shares of this company, then you can fix an amount after that.

Like you have to buy ten shares and after fixing this amount, you have to start stocking the share price of that company.

Because its second name is the stock market. After this, whenever you feel that the company’s stock is going down, you can buy the stock.

How to learn Share Market?

Friends, this question may also be coming in your mind that you will keep all the above things in mind but how to learn share market in the beginning

My best opinion for any beginner to learn share market is that you should learn share market course from any organization.

But if you do not have that much money then you can also join online free course. And for this you can read this article written in our blog.

Ultimately what is Share Market?
So friends and friends, you must have understood that what is the Share Market and how it works. But if you have any problem related to this then you can comment us.

And type your question in the comment section, we try to answer every one of your questions and join us for more such interesting articles.

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