I was at Dell Technologies World 2022. At events like these, I’m usually not really enthusiastic about anything on the showcase floor, but DTW has been an exception.

They had robotic baristas that made better coffee than Starbucks one year, and they had automobiles from customers that I wanted to buy another year. Which brings me to the one thing that should have been on the floor this year but wasn’t, especially since GM was on the big stage with Michael Dell, the Cadillac Lyriq — a stunning electric SUV that I’ve heard looks even better in person.

Over the years, I’ve seen amazing automobiles attract people to a number of events, including Dell’s. I was hoping to see one at the show because I’m considering purchasing one. This isn’t to say that the exhibits on the exhibition floor weren’t spectacular, but given that they weren’t advertised, I’m sure most participants, including those attending remotely, were unaware of them.

So I’ll tell you what you’ve been missing. Finally, I’ll show you my product of the week, a Ford electric crate motorcycle.

Future Workstation

For me, these events can be rather costly. At a previous Dell Technologies World, I remarked that Dell had an automobile on display. Though I should have mentioned that I got the automobile (so perhaps it’s a good thing they didn’t have the Cadillac Lyriq on the floor! ), they did have an office desk that I now want.

It was a Dell prototype for an adjustable-height desk that included inductive charging for your laptop and other wirelessly charged equipment, a wirelessly connected monitor, and a wireless keyboard and mouse.

My own desk used to be a tangle of wires, so the idea of a sleek, uncluttered workspace appeals to me much. Because this desk was simply a prototype, my office budget is still intact. But, oh boy, if this ever makes it to market, count me in.


The fact that the Lyriq wasn’t on display doesn’t imply they didn’t have any automobiles. Due to Dell’s partnership with McLaren on Extreme E, an Extreme E McLaren automobile was on display. It was amusing since I had assumed the automobile was all-wheel drive until I discovered it didn’t have a front motor. Then I realised it didn’t have a motor at the back, which made me wonder where it obtained its energy.

Fortunately, a Dell representative quickly clarified that the car was really a mockup, but it did get my attention for a brief period. The fact that Extreme E as a new sport is incredibly diverse and even couples men and women for each driving session adds to the intrigue.

each driving group (most race events favour male drivers). As a result, this vehicle had an environmental message (the vehicles). Michael Dell and Dell Technologies are leaders in the business when it comes to diversity. This car not only showcased remarkable technology, but also highlighted the need for greater diversity in the industry, as well as a solution to the problem.

Non-Pesticide Farming Automation

Chhandomay Mandal, Dell Technologies’ Director of Solutions Marketing, gave a farm demonstration on the floor that was really amazing and well presented. As part of a collaboration between Dell and Nature Fresh Farms, the effort is computer-controlled.

We are losing a significant quantity of agricultural land due to climate change. The vertical farming concept shown at this year’s DTW not only enhances agricultural density (one acre can produce what ten acres can produce horizontally), but I expect it to increase even more if you go vertical.

Another noteworthy aspect of this demonstration was how active insect management was used to ensure that the crops were efficiently pollinated, with insects performing the work that would otherwise be done by chemicals. Our water supplies are being contaminated by chemicals and fertilisers. Moving to more natural approaches should significantly reduce contamination.

Having more nutritious food is a great potential in this time of climate change. This demonstration, unfortunately, included two items that I dislike: bell peppers (which make me sick) and tomatoes (which I only like in sauces, soup, and salsa). I wish they’d gone with something different!

App for Ethics

I was wandering around the floor doing my own business when Kristi Kevern came up to me and said there was an app I had to see. Dell Technologies’ senior managing director of ethics and compliance is Kristi. It was almost as if she knew I used to work for IBM as an internal auditor and would have given everything for an app like this.

You can often run into major problems with new employees who come from locations where activities like bribery are popular (though illegal), which can damage your brand, your relationship with regulators, and get you into criminal legal trouble. This is frequently due to people’s lack of comprehension of the regulations, or the fact that the rules in a U.S.

Also, I’ve been in charge of firing employees who broke strict ethics guidelines because they were either fresh out of school, didn’t get the word, or needed training before making the error. Employees who willfully flout rules and then claim ignorance will always exist. While I still believe those folks should be fired, I’ve always thought firing those who clearly didn’t realise they were breaking the rules was more unfair than effective.

If every employee had an ethics app that was sophisticated enough to recognise a badly written ethics question and point out the infraction, it would not only save jobs, but it would also safeguard the company’s brand from this type of blunder.

Luna concept

Every merchant should strive to achieve Concept Luna. It’s the first PC product I’ve seen that comes close to being completely recyclable and renewable.

This effort should greatly reduce the number of problem materials going into landfills from existing laptop designs by greatly reducing the number of screws in the product, using materials like organically produced plastics that degrade naturally and safely when discarded, and providing an impressive path to upgrade or update the product during its lifecycle.


What was particularly remarkable was how rapidly this laptop could be disassembled and reassembled for upgrade, repair, component reuse, or trash, taking only a fraction of the time it normally takes.

Finally, one more thing

My attention was drawn to a sixth item. Unfortunately, no one was available to talk to in the last exhibit about this device – a tomb supposed to significantly advance cooling through thermal liquid immersion.

The cooling container resembled a cryogenic space trip sleep chamber. This chamber could more effectively cool and safeguard your high-performance servers and workstations by using a non-conductive coolant. It looked pretty fantastic, but I never learned the explanation because no one was in the booth.

In any case, there were six things on the Dell Technologies World floor that piqued my interest. They covered everything from upgrading your office and food supply to environmental and varied racing, preventing employees from making costly mistakes, the future of liquid-cooled gear, and more.

In summary, at Dell Technologies World, I saw a lot of the future. I really wish they had that Cadillac Lyriq, but given how much cars have increased in price, perhaps it’s best I don’t see that right now.

Electric Crate Motor Ford Eluminator Mach E

The cost and availability of gas is a challenge for those of us who own old cars. Gas prices are rising and will continue to rise, while availability is decreasing as countries transition from gas to electric vehicles.

We enjoy the appearance, feel, and sensation of driving a historic automobile, but not the inconvenience of dealing with gas, which is not only becoming increasingly expensive, but also does not store well and is linked to engine technology that has become far too complex over time. It’s horrible right now, but it’ll only grow worse.

Converting to electric is hard for the faint of heart, though, due to the large quantity of fabrication necessary.

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