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How to make a blog for free 2022 2022 If you are looking for the answer to this question, then you are in the right place because in this article I am going to tell you in step by step details how to make a blog for free in 2022. If I talk about this topic, then many topics were running in my mind, but the idea of ​​writing a blog on this topic came to my mind when I saw that many people on the internet want to know about it for free. How to make a blog 2022.

As you know that if someone wants to start a blog, then already not everyone has enough money to spend money. Or whoever has it, he does not want to invest in the beginning. So I have come up with a solution to this problem in this article. Let’s know how to make a blog for free in 2022?

Friends, if you want to create your own blog, then there are many platforms for that. Where you can create a blog, and earn good money. But let me tell you there are two such platforms which are popular, and almost everyone makes their blog on this.

The two popular platforms for creating a blog are and WordPress, you can choose any of these platforms to create your blog.

If you want to make your blog for free then is best for you, here you can create your blog for free, you will not have to spend any money. Let me tell you here that is a product of Google and it allows users to create free blogs here. You can create your free blog here and earn money.

So friends now go ahead and know the Step by Step Process of creating a free blog. Because if you will know all the points in details then you will easily create a blog, you will not need to read any other blog. I will tell all the steps here in details and hope that after reading this article you will get complete information about how to make a blog for free in 2022 and you will not need any other article. So let’s start.

How to make free blog 2022

Step -1

First of all you have to open Blogger website. For this, you have to go to the address bar of the browser and write and the website will open in front of you. After this you have to click on CREATE YOUR BLOG button.

Step -2

As soon as you click on CREATE YOUR BLOG button you will get the option to login. Let me tell you here that if you want to create a blog on, then you must have a Gmail Id. If you already have Gmail Id then you have to login. If you do not have a Gmail Id, then you can create a Gmail Id at the same time and login.

Step – 3

Now after logging in, you will have come to the Blogger Dashboard. Now you have to click on Create Blog which you will see on the top left side.

Step – 4

After this, in step 4, you have to enter the name of your blog. Whatever you want to name your blog, you have to enter it here. After that click on Next button.

Step – 5

Now you have to enter the address of your blog. Just like a website has an address, so is a blog’s address. Whatever address you want to keep for your blog, enter it here. Keep in mind that the address must be unique. If a blog has not already been created on that address, then you will get it.

If someone has already made a blog on that address, then you have to change your address, you can check by changing some characters, whether it is available or not, you will see it in the message. After that click on Next.

Step – 6

After this you have to enter the Display Name i.e. your profile name which will be visible to the users. After that click on Next. This is your last step, and as soon as you click on Next, your blog is ready.

All you have to do is to make a free blog on blogger. Now your complete blog is ready. But you must be thinking that how to do a blog post, that is, how to write a new article on the blog, is not known. So let us now learn how to make a new post on the blog.

First of all, you have to click on the New Post button which is given on the top left side. Now a new screen will open in front of you where you have to give the title of your post. After this, just have to enter the description of the post below.

Here you can put text, image or video whatever is necessary in your article. After writing the complete details article, you have to click on the Publish button. In this way your first article will have been posted on the blog.

Apart from this, you will also see a Preview button which will be found on the top right side, with the help of this you can preview the article before publishing it.

Now after publishing the post, if you want to see the blog how the blog looks, then click on the View Blog button which is given at the bottom of the left side.

Now we also got to know about how to write a new article. Now let’s learn some more points which we will need to learn here in the blog.

By the way, whenever you create a blog, you get a design of the blog already made, but if you want to change the design of the blog, then you have the option for this.

What you have to do, some options are given in the left side of the blog, out of which you have to click on the Theme option. As soon as you click on Theme, many themes will come in front of you, you can select any theme from them. And by clicking on the apply button, that theme will be applied to your blog, and the design of your blog will change according to that theme.

One more thing, if you want to check the design of the theme before applying, then you can also see it by clicking on the Preview button.

Whatever points you have learned so far, I hope that you have understood how to make a free blog 2022. In this episode let’s take some more information like how to make money earning blog, how to make blog on wordpress, so let’s learn.

How to Create a Free Blog on WordPress

By the way, money can be earned by creating a blog on too, but if you want to make blogging a career and want to earn good money in this field, then my suggestion would be for you to create your blog on WordPress platform.

Now this question must be coming in your mind whether any money will have to be spent to make a blog on WordPress or is it free? So let me tell you there are two types of options in WordPress, one is completely free, where you will not charge any money for domain and hosting.

The hosting will be from WordPress (WordPress) and the domain will also be given by WordPress itself, but one problem is that whatever your domain name will be, it will be like a subdomain.

There will not be a complete domain. For example, if the name of your blog is xyz, then the domain name of your blog will be, in this way your blog will be created on a subdomain and hosting will also be from WordPress.

Friends, if you want to make a professional blog, and want to make good money by making blogging a career, then you should create a blog on WordPress. Because WordPress is the best platform to create a professional blog. And with this you will mainly need two things.

1- Domain

2-Web Hosting

Yes friends, if you are making a professional blog then you should have your own domain which will represent your blog. It is not like subdomain, domain name of any different company will not come here like if your blog name is xyz then its domain can be

And the second important thing is web hosting. Yes, if you are making a professional blog, then you must have a secure and fast web hosting of your own.

Because if you have hosted your blog on a third party website, then it can stop its hosting support at any time. You cannot do anything in it, because you were using it for free.

So I hope now you have understood everything very well, how to make a free blog 2022 and how to make a blog on WordPress 2022. There is a separate article about domain and web hosting, whose link is given above, you can see from there I have told in detail about domain and hosting.

And finally, how did you like this post, do tell by commenting. If you liked the information, then share it with as many people as possible.

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