Bottled Water Side Effects For Kids

While giving water to children, parents should keep some things in mind, know how safe it is to give bottled water to children?

After the birth of the child, the biggest concern of the parents is related to their good upbringing. Feeding is done to the baby after 6 months of birth and during this time many important things have to be taken care of. Many times parents make mistakes while giving water to the child, due to which they face serious problems later. In today’s time, the trend of packaged drinking water or bottled water is the most. Since bottled water is easy to carry and carry anywhere and people consider it safe. Bottled water is usually first filtered at a large plant and then followed by reverse osmosis and UV processing to enhance its taste. Many parents have a question that is it safe to give bottled water to babies? Indeed, many researches and studies confirm that bottled water can be harmful for children. Water that comes packaged in plastic bottles can also cause many serious harm to health. Drinking water packaged in plastic bottles also carries the risk of microplastic particles entering the body. Let us know the disadvantages of giving bottle water to children.

Bottled Water Side Effects For Kids

Bottled water There are many different types of packaged water and they are made by different companies. The production and purification process of these bottled waters can also vary. It is generally advised to give water to the baby after 6 months but giving him bottled water can be harmful in many ways. According to Dr Shaikh Zafar, Pediatrician and Pediatrician at SCPM Hospital, it is harmful to feed water packed in plastic bottles to children or infants. Let us know about the possible reasons for this.

  1. While preparing packaged or bottled water, fluoride is added to it. If the amount of fluoride in water is high, it can cause many serious harm to children. Excess fluoride in water can damage children’s enamel, and can seriously damage children’s teeth. That’s why one should always keep this in mind while buying bottled water.
  2. Feeding bottled water to children puts them at risk of ingesting microplastics. By drinking water packaged in plastic bottles, harmful particles of microplastic used in making the bottle enter the body. Because of this, many serious diseases can occur. In a recent research, it was also confirmed that microplastics are entering the body due to the use of things made of plastic. Which is badly affecting the internal organs of the body.
  3. Many times people start adulterating things in order to earn profits. The same can happen with bottled water. Many times people take old bottles and mix it again with the water coming out of the normal tap and sell it to the people. This type of water is very harmful for the baby. So always you should take care of water packing and BIS or ISI hallmark.

Which water to give the child?

Actually, babies above 6 months of age are advised to drink water along with complementary food. During this time, parents must take care of the purity of the water. The safest water for the baby is considered to be the one that is given to him after boiling. Boil the drinking water in the house thoroughly and filter it. Now cover this water and store it in a clean vessel. It is safe and beneficial to give boiled water to children. The most important thing is that children should not be given water or food in plastic bottles or utensils. Instead of plastic, utensils or bottles made of metals should be used. Apart from this, you can get a water purifier or filter installed in the house to give pure water to the child.

While giving water to a small child, the above mentioned things must be kept in mind. Apart from this, in case of any kind of problem, first of all, the doctor’s advice should be taken. Many types of diseases spread due to drinking impure water, so the child should always be given clean water.

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