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To make the skin glowing, you must make necessary changes in your skin care routine and feel the difference yourself.

With the arrival of the summer season, the skin becomes dry and lifeless and the glow of the skin is lost. To keep the skin glowing and beautiful, you will need a healthy diet and the right skin care routine, by following which you can get glowing skin. If your skin is also discolored, then try the tips given below to make your skin glowing. In this article, we will talk about the foods that increase the glow in the skin and the necessary changes in the skin care routine.

1. Eat fruits for glowing skin

To increase the glow in the skin, it is important to take a healthy diet, add seeds, fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet and consume liquid diet to make the skin glowing. You should consume 8 to 10 glasses of water daily in your diet, apart from this you can include these things in your diet-


You can consume papaya to make the skin glowing. Papain is present in papaya. Due to which the skin becomes shiny and blemishes are removed.


You can consume banana, banana brings glow to the skin. By consuming bananas, the skin looks young and vitamins A, B, E etc. are present in banana, which makes the skin good.


You can consume carrots to make the skin glowing. Carrots contain antioxidant elements, which detox the skin. Carrots contain vitamin A, which removes the problem of pimples and wrinkles.


You can consume pomegranate for glowing skin. Consuming pomegranate cleans the skin, purifies the blood and glows on the face. The skin looks flawless by consuming pomegranate.

What changes should be done to increase the glow in the skin?

If you want to increase the glow in your skin, then you should make some important changes, know about them-

2. Clean the face thoroughly

If the lost color of your face is water back, then you should clean the face properly. You can use aloe vera gel or raw milk to clean the skin. Cleanse the face twice a day, once before going out and once after coming home from outside.

3. Do not use soap (Avoid soap on face)

You have to completely avoid using soap. Soap damages the skin because soap contains chemicals which make the skin lifeless, it leads to dry skin and the pH balance of the skin gets disturbed. To maintain your skin tone, use a mild face wash instead of using soap containing harsh chemicals.

4. Use natural ingredients on face

You should use natural ingredients for the skin, this keeps the skin glowing. You can make the skin glowing and beautiful by using turmeric. You should use turmeric scrub to make the skin glowing. You can use turmeric scrub twice a week.

To make the skin glowing, you should eat natural fruits and vegetables, use natural ingredients. Also, you have to use mild face wash in your skin care routine and use natural ingredients instead of outside products.

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