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Exercise for Fitness: Exercising daily is very important to stay fit and healthy. You can do some easy exercises at home.

Daily Routine Exercise for Fitness: Everyone adopts various tricks to stay healthy. Some follow a special diet plan, while some follow a healthy lifestyle. But most of the people miss the important practice like exercise. They do not consider it so important to exercise (Is Daily Exercise Important). While diet, lifestyle is as important to stay fit and healthy, it is equally important to do regular exercise. In today’s article, we are going to tell you about some such exercises, whose regular practice can always keep you fit, healthy and disease free. Learn what exercises can be done at home to stay fit and healthy from Dr. Kavita Nalwa, fitness trainer of YOBICS WORKOUT.

1. Lunges Exercise

To make the body flexible, you must practice lunge exercises daily. It should be included in your routine life. It works to strengthen the lower part of the body. By doing Lunges Exercise, the strength of the legs and gluteus increases. Due to this the lungs also become strong. This is a complete home workout. How to do lunge exercise –

  • To do Lunges Exercise, first of all stand straight on the ground.
  • Make some distance between both the feet.
  • Keep the distance equal to the shoulders.
  • Keeping your left leg straight, take a step forward with the right leg and bend it at the knee.
  • After this, keep the right leg straight and bend the left leg at the knee and take it forward.
  • During this, you have to put the full weight of the body on your soles.
  • You can do 3 sets of this exercise. Do 10 lunges in each set.

2. Pushups Everyday

Pushups can be a daunting task for everyone. But still it can be made easy with regular practice. You can do pushups at home. By doing pushups, the weight of the body remains under control, the upper part of the body becomes strong. By doing pushups, the muscles of the arms, legs, abdomen become strong. Therefore, to stay fit, you must do pushups daily at home.

  • To do pushups, first of all (How To Do Push Ups) do a light warmup.
  • After this, lay a mat on the floor.
  • Lie down on it on your stomach.
  • After this, place your hands on the floor slightly wider than the shoulders.
  • Keep the legs straight, put your reason on the fingers of the hands and feet.
  • Now slowly bend the elbow and lower the body till the elbow comes at an angle of 90 degrees.
  • While exhaling, push the body upwards with the hands. After that come back to normal state. In this way your one pushup is complete.
  • You can do 3 sets of 15-20 reps of pushups.
  • Avoid putting too much weight on your core, shoulders and neck in this position.
  • While doing pushups, your part from head to heels should be absolutely straight.

3. Squats Exercise

By doing squats exercises, the muscles of your legs, hands become strong. Doing regular squats also improves digestion. Helps in reducing the fat of abdomen, legs, arms and hips. By doing Squats Exercise Benefits in Hindi, the body becomes shapely and flexible. By doing squats, the posture of the body is fine, it also increases the energy level. Squats exercise should be practiced daily to increase blood circulation and relieve back pain. Learn how to do squats

  • To do the Squats Exercise, first stand straight.
  • Open both your hands in front and straighten them.
  • After this, bend both the legs from the knees. In this position you will feel as if you are sitting on a chair.
  • You should have a uniform gap in the legs while doing squats.
  • In this position your thighs should be parallel to the ground.
  • Stay in this position for some time, then come back to normal position.
  • You can do 8-10 squats.
  • With this your knees will always remain strong.

Apart from these exercises, you should also do standing overhead dumbbell press, single leg deadlifts, burpees, side planks and glute bridge exercises daily to stay fit and healthy. You can do each exercise for 5-8 minutes. In this way, exercising daily for 30-45 minutes can always keep you healthy. You can stay away from diseases. But before doing any exercise, please consult an expert.

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